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Order related queries

Q.: How do I reach customer support?

There 4 ways in which you can share your feedback and concerns.

You can call us @ +91 22 2543 2020,

Or mail us at,

Or come on live chat by clicking the chat pop up window on the bottom left hand corner on every page of our website

Or you can raise a ticket by clicking on the 10kya support dangler on the left hand side of the screen on every page of our website.

Customer support operation window:

10:30 AM to 07:30 PM - Monday to Saturday

10kya Customer Support will be closed on the Holidays mentioned below...

01 January 2016 Friday New Year's Day
26 January 2016 Tuesday Republic Day
24 March 2016 Thursday Holi
08 April 2016 Friday Gudi Padwa
08 July 2016 Friday Ramzan Id/Eid-ul-Fitar
15 August 2016 Monday Independence Day
25 August 2016 Thursday Janmashtami
05 September 2016 Monday Ganesh Chaturthi/Vinayaka Chaturthi
15 September 2016 Thursday Ganesh Visarjan/Anant Chaturdashiy
11 October 2016 Tuesday Dussehra (Vijayadashami)
31 October 2016 Monday Halloween/New Year/Govardhan
01 November 2016 Tuesday Bhai Duj


you can raise a request on 10kya Support Center and create a ticket. All tickets are answered within 1 working day.

Q.: Do you have an app?

We are in the process of launching the mobile application soon. You will notified via email and newsletters.

Q.: Can I change my delivery address after I place the order?

We are sorry, you can not make any changes in the order after the order is placed. However we can make changes of your existing order from the back end, for which you need to contact 10kya customer care. The only limitation is that you can change the address till the order is in processing. Once shipped the address can not be changed. In such cases, if you want to change the address after shipping, you need to cancel the order and place a fresh order.

Q.: Can I confirm that my order is placed successfully?

There are various ways to confirm the order:

- You can log on / sign in to your 10kya account, go to orders, check the latest order in the list to confirm if your order is placed.

- You can call, chat, email us, or raise a ticket to confirm your order.

- You can check your email inbox for order confirmation mail.

- You an check your card / bank account whether the amount towards the order is debited (only for online payment orders).

Q.: How can I change my default address?

You can change you default address and can make your latest address as default address.

Please follow the simple instructions.

  1. login to your MY ACCOUNT
  2. Go to Address book on the left panel
  3. click on ADD NEW ADRESS on the top right corner of the page
  4. Update your address
  5. Check the box which says "Use as my default billing address" and "Use as my default shipping address" whichever you want.
  6. Click on "Save Address" and you are done.

Your latest address will be your default billing and/or default shipping address henceforth.

If you wish you can delete those addresses which you do not require any longer.

Q.: How to stop getting promotional emails from

Yes you can get yourself unlisted from the mailer list. All you need to do is to open the promotional email. Go at the bottom of the page, and click on "unsubscribe from this list". Follow the instruction to get your name off the list.

Getting Started

Q.: I lost my order number, what do I do now?

Lost or Do not have order ID, do not you worry. We will help you. You can call customer care and mention the name in which order was placed. Alternatively you can log on / sign in to your account. Go to my account and select orders. You will be able to see all orders placed by you including the latest one. Or else, you can check your email for order confirmation mail from

Q.: Do I get reward points on special occassions?

Yes you do. You can reward points on your birthday, bulk orders, if you share your travel photos and videos or write ups etc. For current offers you need to come on lie chat with us or check on our websites. Please may check the current offer section in the FAQs.

Q.: How do I compare two or more products?

Simple. Click on add compare link on the product page which you would like to compare. Repeat the activity on each product page that you would like to put on your comparison list. You can add up to 4 products. Every time you add, you will see a message, " The product is successfully added to your comparison page". Now after adding the products, if you want to view the comparison on the comparison sheet then click on the " compare " button on top right corner , just next to Log Out / Sign Up button. Wait for few minutes because preparing a comparison may take time. Then within couple of minutes the comparison chart will appear on the screen.

return - exchange policy

Q.: What is return - exchange policy?

We are having customer friendliest return policy. We boast of a fastest return processing among all industry players. We are happy to inform that you can return any product ( except products under No Exchange - No Returns).

We have to be inform about the return strictly within 7 Days of the delivery via email, call, chat or contact / feedback form. We are not responsible to honor the return request if it comes to us on or after 8th Day from the delivery date, no matter what could be the reason.

You can return the product under following conditions,

  • Manufacturing defect
  • Damaged in transit
  • Quality issue with the material
  • Color issue
  • Size issue
  • Not as expected
  • Not usable any more
  • Not matching you requirement
  • Not fit for purpose
  • Simply did not like
  • Specification error
  • Misshipment
  • Order A received B


Q.: Do you have discounts for students?

I am sorry, currently there are no special discounts for students.

Q.: Do you have special discount for seasonal trekkers?

Sorry, currently we do not have any special discount for seasonal trekkers.

Q.: Can I get a discount coupon?

We are sorry, currently we are not offering discount through coupons, but via cash backs. So please check the offer section of the FAQs for more details.

Current Offers

Q.: How does cash back work?

Currently We are running cash back offers on select products. You will get to see the cashbacks on the product page. Please refer to Cashback Deals option on the main menu. All your cashbacks will accumulate in your 10kya internal credit account. You need to register your email address to create your account at This amount can be used in your next and subsequent orders. To use your internal credit, you need to check/ tick the box on the check-out page which reads "Internal credit" and the credit will be applied to the cart amount.

Please note:

The cash back that you earn is stored in the internal credit of your 10kya account. You may use the entire internal credit or partial amount in you next order while check out. If you use your internal credit to pay an order then the following will be applicable.

  • Cashback can not be earned on the cashback amount that you have used.
  • Cashback will not be applicable on the invoice amount where internal credit is used fully or partially.
  • Cashback will not be applicable on the order where internal credit has been used partially or fully.
Q.: Does amount earned from Cash Back expire?

We are happy to inform that the cash back has no validity, hence does not expire. So you can use it at your own ease.

Q.:What is the maximum cash back amount I can get?

Maximum cash back you can get is up to Rs.5000/-

Q.: Can I transfer the cash back amount to my bank account?

We are sorry, Cash Back is not transferable. You can only redeem the cash back by purchasing from our website.

Q.: What are the current offers and discounts running?

Cash Back Offers:

  • Up to 100% cash back. Please check the cash back deals on the menu on home page.
    Cash back categories: 15% 30% 60% 100%. You can find these cash backs on the product page of
  • Passion2club--> 2% discount for lifetime. Eligibility: Single Purchase of INR 1000 or Cumulative purchase of INR 10000 or publish one blog in 10kyablog page
  • Passion4club--> 4% discount for lifetime. Eligibility: Single Purchase of INR 5000 or Cumulative purchase of INR 50000 or publish three blogs in 10kya blog page.
  • Passion8club--> 8% discount for lifetime. Eligibility: Single Purchase of INR 20000 or Cumulative purchase of INR 100000 or publish five blogs on 10kya blog page.
  • You are automatically upgraded to one of the above clubs, if you fulfill any of the aforesaid conditions.
  • Flat 15% cash back on all products.


Q.: Which one to buy?

We have backpacks from world's best manufacturers like Quechua, Coleman, Deuter to name a few. You may select the one that suits your budget and requirement. Please read through carefully the specifications, size, and number of days trekking it supports, water proof or not, etc etc before zeroing down.

Q.: how do I claim warranty?

In order to claim warranty, you need to contact the manufacturer directly with the invoice copy / warranty card (if any received along with the product or in the box). If manufacturer ask for anything in writing from us. we will be happy to provide it to you or the manufacturer on your behalf. We are not obliged to fulfill the warranty in case manufacturer denies or refuses to fulfill warranty based on their terms and condition.

Q.: have the name of rockrider bikes changed?

Since 2011, BTWIN has focused on revisiting the brand to increase its power and its coherence with our ambition to make cycling easy and accessible to as many people as possible. After reworking the visuals and graphics that you see on the products and communications, BTWIN decided to adopt a clearer and more understandable naming system for the BTWIN products, allowing customers to easily see the range escalation of our bikes and the differences between the ranges of bikes, the equipment and for cyclists.

In 2014 our distributor, will be selling our bikes in these brand new segmentations: 300 for entry range, 500 for regular users, 700 for intensive and competitive use, and 900 for some products such as road cycling clothing which are exact replicas of the equipment used by the FDJ Cycling Team. And some will be getting back to basics!

Some of the bikes, mostly MTBs, are also being renamed, and new models are being brought out. Here are the new names that you will find in store for each bike family.


In terms of MTBs, we now talk about the Rockrider (300 and 500 series) for leisure and sport MTBs, Rafal for cross country MTBs (700, 900 series), and Peak (700, 900 series) for the All Mountain bikes that will join the range in the latter half of 2014.

For the moment, the Rockrider and Rafal will stay as 26″, and the Rafal “S” and Peak are fitted with 27.5″. For the Rockrider and Rafal ranges, the letter “S” indicates that the bike is “fully suspended”, and the Peaks are all of course “full suspension”


Former names

New names

Rockrider 5.0

Rockrider 300

Rockrider 6.0

Rockrider 320 S

Rockrider 5.1

Rockrider 340

Rockrider 5.1 BIG RR

Not updated

Rockrider 5.2

Rockrider 500

Rockrider 6.3

Rockrider 500 S

Rockrider 5.3 BIG RR

Not updated

Rockrider 5.3

Rockrider 520

Rockrider 6.5

Rockrider 520 S

Rockrider 8.0

Rockrider 540

Rockrider 8.1

Rockrider 700


Rockrider 700 S

Rockrider BIG 8

Not updated

Rockrider 9.1

Replaced, Futur PEAK

Rockrider 9.2

Replaced, Futur PEAK


Former names

New names

Rockrider 8.2


Rockrider 8.3


Rockrider XC PRO



Not updated

Rockrider 9.7


Rockrider 9.9



For road bikes, several new frames are being brought in:

  • - The Triban is getting a new frame
  • - The Alur is new and will be the high-end aluminium model.
  • - The Mach uses the same mould as the Facet but the carbon layers have been modified to make the bike more comfortable. Nevertheless, it remains the “race” bike of the range.
  • - The Ultra is the new high-end frame. It is more flexible and lightweight than the Mach, and will be the top mountain road bike.

Refund policies and procedures

Q.: Can I request for refund?

Generally we do not encourage our customers to take refunds. We put our best efforts to fulfill the order. If, after all our efforts, the product is out of stock and we do not have any information from our manufacturers when will the product be back in stock, and we are unable to provide an alternate product which is similar and more or less at the same price range then we take a request for refund.

Q.: how long will it take to refund?

Once the refund request is accepted under the condition that the product is out of stock, we process the refund on the same day the request is made. However to reflect in your card or bank account may take up to 3 - 4 business days.

In case of product is returned by the customer and customer wants refund, we will wait for the returned product to reach us. Once the returned product reaches us, we start processing you refund. Generally, we arrange a reverse pick up which takes 1-2 business days, and to reflect the refund may take up to 3 - 4 business days.

Q.: Do I get a refund confirmation and by when?

Yes, you do get a refund confirmation via email on your registered email address with a screen shot of the refund transaction. You receive the confirmation email on the same day on which refund is processed.

Q.: where do I get my refund, in the card or in my bank account?

You money gets refunded back to source in case you made a prepayment. However, in case of COD payment mode, you need to share your bank account details on our customer care email address, Once we receive the details from you, we initiate an NEFT transaction on the next day to refund the amount to your bank account. The bank details required in this case are as follows:

Beneficiary Name (same as the name in which the order is placed)

Account Number

Bank Name




Payment related queries

Q.: How do I know that my payment towards the order is successful?

Generally we do not encourage our customers to take refunds. We put our best efforts to fulfill the order. If, after all our efforts, the product is out of stock and we do not have any information from our manufacturers when will the product be back in stock, and we are unable to provide an alternate product which is similar and more or less at the same price range then we take a request for refund.

Q.: Do you send a payment confirmation?

We are sorry to inform that we do not send any notification for payment confirmation. We send order confirmation mail which does not necessarily mean that payment is received. If payment is not successful, we contact you in 24 hours to intimate you about the payment status.

Q.: If payment not successful, can I make the payment again for the same order?

Yes, you can make payment for the same order. You do not need to cancel the order and place a fresh order. In that case, we send you a payment link from the payment gateway on your mobile as well as on your registered email address. You can use the same link to make the payment for the same order.

Q.: What is the CVV code?

CVV is the three digit number printed on the back of your credit / debit card.

Q.: My order is not confirmed by my card is debited with the same amount. What do I do now?

Do not worry. If the order is not placed, we can not claim the payment against it as the payment will not come to us. Most probably your payment is stuck at the payment gateway and amount is not transferred to us. In that case, you need to raise a request with your bank to credit the amount back to your card.

Q.: I am trying to make an online payment but it is not going through?

Do not worry!. We have two payment gateways on our check out page, so that if one gateway is not accepting online payment, you can try the other one.

There are two payment gateways as follows:

- Pay Online All Banks CC/DC/NetBanking | EMI (ICICI, Kotak, Standard Chartered, Indusind Cards only) | (EMVANTAGE Gateway)

- Pay Online All Banks CC/DC/NetBanking | EMI - (ICICI, Axis, Kotak, Indusind CC only) | INTERNATIONAL Payments (VISA ONLY)

If both payment gateways are not accepting online payment, then you can either place it on COD, or you can contact customer care of We will then send you a payment link on your mobile and email address. You can make payment using the link.

How do i cancel my order?

Q.: Can I cancel the order from my account?

I am sorry, Once the order is placed, you can not cancel or edit your order by yourself. In order to cancel or midify your order you need to contact customer support team of and they will do it from back end.

Q.: Will I get refund if I cancel the order before processing?

Yes, if you request cancellation, then your money will be refunded once the order is cancelled. The amount of will be refunded back to source.

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