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  • Buy Pre-Owned IHP Compressed Air Competition Air Pistol | Free Pump + Bag | PCP Pistol | 0.177 Competition Air guns | Buy Sell Used Airguns

    Before IHP stopped manufacturing airguns, their Competition Air PCP Pistol was legendary in domestic competitions. Accuracy of pistol is 100%.  Pcp pump pressure is 300 bar. Comes with pump to easily fill the PCP chamber for great shooting.

    Pre-Owned - Sold by Ashish, Haryana - Ashish Says, "I have used it with great care and it is as good as new"   FREE Delivery all over India by 10kya Fulfillment Logistics Team.  

    Usage & Product Conditon Note: Not Availableproduct_condition: Used; warranty: Out of Warranty: age_of_product: 6 month -1 Years; original_box: No; product_manuals: NA: original_invoice: No; accessories: Bag and Pump

    Total Satisfaction Guarantee: If the product is not as described in the used-product-condition specified by seller, inform us within 7 days from receipt. If the product is not as described by the seller, we will give you 100% money back on return of product. In case of dispute, 10kya assessment will be final. If product is as described, customer will have to accept it back. If the product is not as described, the seller will take it back. The to and fro cost will be to the account of final possessor of the product.

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    Rs. 30,000.00

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