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  • EK Archery Aluminium Arrow red 16"/2.5" vanes 5pcs/bag | 2219 D-018M2 | Crossbow Arrows | Archery Bows & Arrows [ HSN 95069990

    16" perfect straight Red Colour Arrows for Crossbows and Archery. Three Vanes - VANES COLOR :2 YELLOW 1 RED . comes in a pack of 5 arrows. From world renowned EK Archery Research company from The Netherlands. Combine these arrows with your EK Archery Bows or Crossbows for perfect results.

    IMPORTANT: This is not a toy. This crossbow is meant for competitive sport of archery discipline - Crossbow. Wrong use can cause serious harm and is against the law. Use only in shooting ranges with proper safety precautions. 10kya expects archers to practice the sport safely and not to harm any animals, birds or any living beings. By purchasing this equipment from 10kya, you are agreeing to the safety precautions and agreeing that it is only for competitive sport. Requires Address and Age Proof - for sale to 18+ only.

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