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  • KonuSmall Monocular 10x25 | Bird Watching [ HSN 90051000

    The Konus Action binoculars and the Konusmall monocular give you the possibility to carry the power of observation anywhere.

    Their reduced dimensions, the optical quality and the special rubber covering, make them indispensable items for travelling, trekking, following sport events and so on. You can choose from different models, with fixed or central focus and Ruby coated optics.

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    Regular Price: Rs. 4,000.00

    Now only: Rs. 3,190.00

  • Konus Giant 20X80 Binocular [ HSN 90051000

    These giant binoculars with 15x or 20x magnification power and impressive ojectives from 60 to 80mm. Built to maximize the field of view and provide an outstanding panoramic vision, they are ideal for astronomy and birdwatching.

    Due to their dimensions, they are quite heavy and it is therefore recommended to use them with a tripod.

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    Regular Price: Rs. 22,000.00

    Now only: Rs. 18,899.00

  • Bushnell 12x60 Binocular

    This one is an all-purpose binoculars that offers a combination of durability, precision and versatile style that will make the most of your time outdoors. 

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    Regular Price: Rs. 5,665.00

    Now only: Rs. 5,300.00

  • COMET 10x50 Porro Prism Binocular (GREEN)

    Suitable for hunting, Bird Watching, Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Sporting Events and Outdoor Adventures.

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    Regular Price: Rs. 4,600.00

    Now only: Rs. 4,550.00

4 Item(s)

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