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Weirhauch Germany Air Rifles - Online Store

Weirhauch Germany Air Rifles

Our precision air guns and bolt- action rifles are engineered and manufactured in accordance with the latest sporting arms technology. Perfection and innovation are the aims we live up to. We give priority to ensuring constant development and modification of our products so that they continue to meet the varied demands and requirements of the market. We use tried and tested special materials for construction not only the barrels but also numerous other components.

The precision, dimensional accuracy and correct temper of the various parts are constantly and carefully monitored by experienced experts. The use of highly modern production machinery helps to ensure that these demands are complied with at all times. It is this production technology, combined with decades of experience, that forms the expertise with which our hobby, sports and hunting guns are manufactured, in top quality, for maximum performance and a long service life.

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If you can not find something particular you are looking for, mail us at Our suppy chain management team will do their utmost to make available your requirement at a most competitive rate.. Here are some of our latest products.


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Gamo Pro-Match 0.177-Cal 500 Pellets | Wadcutter Head-7.56 Grains [ HSN 93062900

Regular Price: Rs. 900.00

Now only: Rs. 650.00

Gamo Pro-Magnum 0.177-Cal 250 Pellets | Round Head-7.56 Grains

Regular Price: Rs. 999.00

Now only: Rs. 699.00

Ukraine | Niomah Domed pellets | 0.177-Cal 300 Pellets | 7 Grains | 0.45g

Regular Price: Rs. 999.00

Now only: Rs. 649.00

Walther CP88 | 12G CO2 | Pellet Air Pistol | Black [ HSN 93040000

Regular Price: Rs. 40,000.00

Now only: Rs. 38,990.00

Walther CP99 0.177 4.5 Cal | 12G CO2 | Pellet Air Pistol | Black [ HSN 93040000

Regular Price: Rs. 40,000.00

Now only: Rs. 31,890.00

Beretta M 92 FS | 12G CO2 | Air Pistol | Black [ HSN 93040000

Regular Price: Rs. 41,000.00

Now only: Rs. 39,570.00

Precihole Filling Device | PCP Airgun Refilling | HSN 93059900

Regular Price: Rs. 4,998.00

Now only: Rs. 4,849.00

Leatherman Squirt PS4 Black-037447247064 Multitool

Regular Price: Rs. 2,990.00

Now only: Rs. 2,841.00



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