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Trekking at night at Kunti Betta

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 3.59.29 pmJust a day before friendship day, 21st August afternoon, five of us decided to celebrate the friendship day in a memorable way. We tossed with some options but the one that got all of us excited about was to go for a night trekking. We zeroed in to a location after checking couple of blogs about Kunti betta. This was my first trekking experience in Karnataka and was pretty excited by the thought of it. It was a pleasant day. We booked our tickets from a website and we received complete details about the Trek beforehand, much before we actually started.

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We finished our dinner and got ready by 9:00 PM to catch the bus near Marathali. Bus came as per the schedule. There were forty more travelers including us. Around 11:30 PM we stopped at Ramnagar, our base camp. We had some refreshments and relaxed for some time before we boarded the bus again to reach Kunti Beta base by 12:30 AM. The atmosphere was electrifying. We all got soaked in cool breeze blowing gently over us. We carried a torch and camp fire wood sticks. The trek started little over mid-night. Kunti betta night trek was increasingly becoming fascinating experience to remember as we moved along in staunch darkness. Here a word of caution, one needs to be very careful during the trek because you will be ascending in night and more so in the dark. We had to combat the darkness with the help of torch lights and lamps. The experience was really little scary but full of excitement. My friends and I also helped few fellow travelers while trekking and became friends. After two and half hours of incessant trekking, we reached the peak of kunti betta. The organizers arranged a camp fire with sticks which we carried. We enjoyed the ambience and the serenity of the location as the atmosphere was blessed with unperturbed silence. We waited there for about 3 hours and got drenched with the falling moon light and warmth of the camp fire. The view from the peak was unprecedented. We celebrated friendship day on the peak of Kunti Betta by cutting cake. It can’t get better than this.

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Around 5:40 A.M, we all witnessed the beautiful and vivacious sun rising; it was gently yet majestically appearing from the mysterious clutter of cloud. Soon the entire location was encompassed with affluent sun light. Around 7:00 AM, we started descending and reached the base camp at 8:30 AM. From here on, we went to a lake nearby for boating and swimming. We swam, played and enjoyed our heart out in the cool and clear water of the lake. Again by 10:30 we left from Kunti betta and stopped in a small village for breakfast, food was yummy. We finally boarded the bus back to Bangalore and reached by 2:00 PM. The entire trip was organized by Escape2Exlore team.

About the Author I am a software engineer working for MNC in Bangalore. I am passionate about exploring the beauty of nature as I Hail from Amalapuram a beautiful town in East Godavari. And also passionate about being close to the nature as much as I can.

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