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The Lanes of Water - Venice


Venice to me is the most beautiful place I have seen.

I was for my company's work in Luxembourg (another beautiful country in Europe) in 2011-2012. We visited many places in Europe. However, the bliss of travelling was felt the most when I was in Venice.

90% of local travel in this city is via the gondola (boats) rides on water. Those Gondola rides on the lanes of water in the city give a great feeling and awe of this heaven on earth!

P.S.: The Italian Pasta was awesome. The Chef made Chicken pasta as a custom addition (of Chicken) on my request.

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We can get there via bullet trains from Rome or any other Schengen cities in Europe. Also Venice has its own airport. A cheap fare airline called Ryan Air also operates to Venice from other countries in Europe. Ticket fare was about 35 Euros (in 2012).

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