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Right Clothes for your Neckline

1- Neckline : Short & Wide Neck


You need to ‘lengthen’ your neckline by opting for lower necklines. Plunging necklines (a deep V-neck) or open necklines (scoop neck) will elongate the neck. Keep in mind that your neckline shouldn't start less than 2-3 fingers width below your collarbone.

  • Stay away from any bulk, fuss or details such as neckties, ruffles & choker neckpieces
  • Avoid any high necklines like turtleneck or big stand up collars. Opt instead for flat collars or no collars at all.
  • Wear tops that have embellishment around the neck area so you don’t need to add a neckpiece for interest.
  • Wear brooches rather than shorter neckpieces or opt for longer neckpieces that take the attention away from the short neck
  • Wear Jackets that close lower & avoid double breasted ones
  • Choose Dangling earrings & hoops

2- Neckline : Long & Thick Neck


Generally having a longer neck is a desirable attribute, so the list of “Don’ts” will be shorter. To avoid an exaggerated giraffe neck effect, follow the subsequent suggestions:

  • Don’t wear very deep V or plunging necklines.
  • Slim long polo necks can be passed.
  • Avoid wearing vertical striped shirts or shirts.
  • Don’t wear Shirts/blouses with extra large pointed collars.
  • Don’t wear extra large hoops or dangling earrings.


  • Neckties, ruffles, rolls or any other bulk will complement your long neck.
  • Higher necklines with details will work better than low necklines with these features – the exception to the rule here is when you have a big bust.
  • Choose a Mid neck length hairstyle or longer
  • Slash or boat neckline gives a visual shorter cut off
  • Stand up collars , mandarin or shirt collars turned up , look fab.

A soft cowl neck will give it the required softness.

3- Neckline : Short Décolleté & Big Bust


The bigger your bust the lower the necklines you should go for.

  • Stick to V-necks, scoops, squares or tops with front openings, anything that takes the eye down
  • Avoid high necklines, which draw the eye up and make large breasts look lower than they really are
  • No Halter necks since they make them bigger than they already are
  • A Warp dress really flatters a Big Bust
  • Try Clinching the garment at the waist a bit to draw attention there provided you feel your waist is shapely.
  • Choose darker/warmer colors at the top to camouflage
  • Opt for 3 quarter sleeves as those are generally more slimming than short or sleeveless styles
  • Avoid spaghetti straps at all costs since they’ll only exaggerate the appearance of your bust. Not much support either. If you do want to wear a singlet type top, then opt for one with thicker, more supportive straps as they will act to balance out your bust.
  • Steer clear of baggy jackets/styles and instead opt for a fitted, streamlined style that’s nipped in at the waist.
  • Opt for medium or large sized bag for balance
  • Make sure the clothes are Fitted but not clingy


4- Neckline : Long Decollete & Small Bust


Lucky You! Women with smaller busts is that they are able to pull of a range of different styles from going braless to backless, you can get away with so much more!

  • You’ll benefit more from ‘high’ necklines since low necklines tend to draw attention to smaller bust.
  • Layer in that area, either with multiple tops, scarves or chunky jewellery. Bulk or volume in the collar line area are great features if your neck is relatively thin or long too.
  • Go Backless since you don’t have to worry about supporting bra straps. So you can go sans Bra
  • Can wear plunging necklines but avoid long V along with long sleeves

If you are short in your décolleté line but have a small bust you can wear the same style line as someone with a normal or long neck. But if you have a short or wide neck, then those are the rules that apply. The only difference is that you can pull off having more bulk around your chest area.

Also, remember that your décolleté line is very much determined by your skin condition and age. The more damaged it is through sun or aging, the more the phrase ‘less is more' applies. Even if you have a great bust, try to display it in an appropriate, elegant and stylish manner, one that fits with your personality and lifestyle.

5- Head Larger in Comparison to Body


So you think you look like a ‘Bubblehead Doll’. Worry not; we have a solution for you.

BANGS!! Yes try side sweep bangs to shorten the length of your face. If your head is disproportionately bigger compared to your upper body (e.g. if you have a small ribcage and bust),try to balance it with higher necklines and features near your neck whilst easing your way downwards. If you have a short or wide neck then keep the details below collar bones rather than above or next to your neck. A wider cut in the neck will draw attention to the face due to the contrast it creates with the skin of the body.

Also you can take attention elsewhere in your body. For example, dawn a big belt to create a focal point near the waist. Or you could even wear a mid length neckpiece with a medium pendant resting on your cleavage. Even brooches will do the same trick.

Do not wear clingy clothes as it will again rest attention to the comparatively smaller frame. Jackets would be very flattering.

Last but not the least-Grow your hair longer to bring attention downwards.

6- Head Smaller in Comparison to Body


If you have a smaller head in comparison to your body then don't overpower it with chunky collars, rolls or neckties because your neck will disappear under all the bulk. Instead use the following techniques;

  • Curl up your hair or go for hairdos and haircuts that rest just below your jaw line or above the shoulders to bulk up around your face giving it an illusion to be heavier and balancing it out.
  • Avoid hair tied up flat behind in a pony to make it look even smaller
  • Go all out and wear the round hoops you like as it will flatter your face


7- Neckline : Double Chin


If you've got a double chin you should avoid any sort of bulk and fuss around your neck. That includes high necklines such as turtle necks but also necklines that finish just below the double chin e.g. crew necks. You need to put some distance between your top and neck, so it draws focus downwards.

  • Avoid any high necklines like turtleneck or big stand up collars. Opt instead for flat collars or no collars at all.
  • Stick to longer neckpieces that take the attention away from the short neck
  • Avoid any layer or jacket which closes high above the neck
  • Big collars and wide lapels are to be avoided at all costs
  • Use makeup countering techniques by applying a dark brown bronzer below the chin & jawline
  • Use more boxy or angular cuts to counter the roundness of the double chin


8- Neckline : Broad Shoulders


If you've got broad shoulders then chances are that you are an inverted triangle .In that case wear necklines that sit close to the neck and do not extend too far out towards the shoulder – you want to draw the eye into the neck. Avoid boat necks and bar dots, which will accentuate the width of the shoulders. Use more curvy or round cuts to counter the angular nature of the body in shoulders.

Avoid Jackets with shoulder pads as it will further enhance the broad shoulders. Also avoid waist clinching dresses as they’’ll make the proportions look even broader.

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