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Mountaineering Course in Nehru Institute of Mountaineering


Nehru Institute of Mountaineering is the best mountaineering institute of India right now, ahead of HMI when it comes to physical training, providing efficient equipment, proper accommodation facilities. NIM is situated a little above the town of Uttarkashi.

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The campus is great with all the facilities you will need in an Institute. The hostels are clean and the food is great! Our course had 106 people to start with and by the time we finished we were 92 with people from Armed Forces and NCC also. We were divided into 14 ropes (groups) each with an Instructor.

First couple of days of the course will have briefing from the Principal, taking you around the campus, medical inspection, introduction and issue of equipment etc. Make sure you get the right equipment or else you will be in big trouble later in the mountains.


Then you will have a short trek for about an hour and a half just above the campus through the woods with half the load you carry in the mountains – may be 10+kgs – and you get good views of BanderPoonch range. And every afternoon you will have theory classes be it in campus or in Tekhla. The course as most of them know is divided into Rock Craft, Snow Craft and Ice Craft. During Rock Craft days you trek every day for 8kms till Tekhla Rock Climbing Area, mostly on road.

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You will carry all equipment given by NIM, which ends up more than 10kgs for sure. But on the way back you come in the bus to save time. Lectures will happen in Tekhla in the afternoon and inside the campus during evenings which will be followed by a movie.

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In snow craft though you are thought different types of Ascending and Descending on snow. For Ice craft you hike for an hour and a half to Dokrani Glacier passing the moraines near the Ice walls. Those were my first steps on a glacier and also got to see huge crevasses just next to the training area. Walls aren’t just there, there was a lot of snow again and we had to shovel out the snow till we found hard ice. We had lectures up there next to the walls and sitting on the glaciers had our bums numb! Last day at Base Camp you will have a Navigation test where you’ll have to run around a little and a Theory test which will be really simple. And finally the course was over and undoubtedly I had an awesome time and more importantly learnt a whole lot of stuff.

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