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Kojagiri Celebration at Fort Rajgad

Awesome weekend trek and kojagiri celebration at Rajgad fort. This time we had trek with friends as well as spouses and kids.


This is the first time, we were taking our kids for the trekking with overnight camping. Hence selected the easier route (than the one we take regularly) to climb i.e. from Pali darwaja. All the 4 kids managed to hike it well without any trouble to their parents.

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Kids (Mrunmayee Masurkar - 7 yrs, Atharva Kolhe - 6 yrs, Siddhiksha Nimbalkar - 5 yrs and Shlok Kolhe - 3 yrs) enjoyed the trek, camping in tents, morning fun and food as well.

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Dinner menu (Veg sweet corn soup with papad, methi paratha and khichadi) was awesome and we let Viraj and Bhagyashree handle the cooking fortress while we remain in supporting role. Post dinner, kids (except Mru) went to sleep quickly. We played card games for an hour and then enjoyed the badam keshar milk, special menu for Kojagiri Pournima

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