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How to use Earphones?

To enjoy the superior audio quality and sound isolation of your earphones, it is very important to get a proper fit!

Here are some tips...

How to wear it 

1. Note the difference between the right and left headphones and insert in respective ear.

2. Use it wrapping the cord over the top and down the back of the ear or it can be worn hanging straight down. (see fig. below)

Using the right fit for your ear

The quality of the frequency response and sound isolation depends on how well the sleeves seal. If the earphone seems to be lacking in bass, check the tightness of the seal between the earphone and your ear, or try one of the other sleeve options. Each earphone comes with a selection of sleeve options. Sleeves options vary by earphone model.

Take some time to experiment with your fit to find the sleeve and style of wear that works best for you.

Types of sleeves

1. Flex and soft flex sleeves

2. Foam sleeves

3. Triple Flange sleeves (image of types of sleeves)

Keep it clean 

Avoid getting moisture in the nozzle and clean the nozzles using the wax removal tool.

Additional tips on earphone maintenance and care 

Always remove the sleeve from the earphone nozzle before cleaning

Clean your sleeves regularly with a mild antiseptic or soapy water. Flex, Ultra-soft flex, and Triple-flange sleeves should be cleaned with an antiseptic routinely and when sharing

Foam sleeves should be disposed of and replaced when they get dirty

Wipe down the earphone housing and cable with an antiseptic routinely

Do not use earphones those are causing you discomfort

Safety information

Never use headphones earphones while driving. It may create a hazard and is illegal in many areas

Take extra care when wearing earphones while walking, jogging, cycling, etc.

Avoid using earphones at high volume levels Prolonged exposure to high sound pressure level may hamper hearing badly.

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