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Har Ki Dun Trek


Har Ki Dun Valley is a cradle shaped hanging valley in the Garhwal Himalayas. It is surrounded by snow-covered peaks and alpine vegetation. It is connected to Baspa Valley by the Borasu Pass This valley is at an altitude of approx 3500 m above mean sea level and is snow-covered during October to March.

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The valley is around 25 km from Taluka. The trek to the valley starts from Taluka village and passes through Gangaad, Osala, and Seema. It is a 2-day trek usually done in two stages. First stage is from Taluka to Seema/Osla, and second stage is from Seema/Osla to Har Ki Dun. Return route is the same. It is also possible to complete return journey in a single day, however it can physically demanding. There is a shop and a small restaurant at Taluka, where trekkers can buy eatables like biscuits and wafers etc.

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Authors Take:

Har ki Dun also refereed as Tons valley by British who discovered its route back in the 19th century was my first Himalayan Trek. It is a popular Beginners trek for the Himalayan trekkers. The valley of Har-Ki-Dun falls in the Western Garwal Himalayas bordering Himachal Pradesh. The trek is a wonder in itself with lust greenery, ice caped legendry peaks, vibrancy of colors all around with flowers blooming and serenity of the mind, glancing at the views, snowy mountains, peaks, dense forest, waterfalls, bugyals (high altitude meadows), wildlife and rare Himalayan birds.

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You can view the majestic peaks of Swargarohni, Bandarpoonch and Kala Nag from a close range. For ages, the land has been known for temples and shrines with sacred mythological attachments, Duryodhna, the eldest of Kaurvas, is worshipped here, This trek route is virtually a paradise for the botanists, bird watchers, photographers, nature lovers, foot loose trekkers and anyone interested in exploring and learning in an unconventional way, in short, the more you trek in this area, the more curious you get to know more which has not yet been written and only found in tales and lories.

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A single route trek, you go up and come down from the same trail and an all year round trek too…U can hop on for an adventure anytime of the year …Summers or winters always open for you to visit. The purpose of the trek is to expose the great adventure and to rough out the rigors of plodding through snow with a sense of love for nature and outdoor recreational activity. So trek, explore, learn and excite others who listen to your pep talk.


I have learned a lot on this journey of Himalayan Trek…there is still lots to learn & explore in life….These following lines by Edmond Hillary which he wrote after failing twice (looking at Mt. Everest.) inspires me:

“I’ll come again & conquer you… because, as a mountain you cannot grow… But as a Human I can…”

Thank you Mountains for teaching the best lessons of life…be bold, be thoughtful yet beautiful….!!

About Author:

Hi I am Shila Kunji, Architect by profession. I am passionate about Traveling, photography, gardening, reading. I love doing it. I am very passionate about trekking too… I am a life member of youth hostel association of India & I most go trekking with them.

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