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'JAVA' & 'FORMAT' Bikes

About JAVA Bikes...

Chuang Xin Wei (Shenzhen) Bicycle, Ltd., as the exclusive agent of JAVA BIKES(ITALY) in China, was established in 2002; With more than 10 years experience, we are specializing in design, R&D, innovation, production and marketing promotion of kinds of bicycles.

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Led by JAVA professional design and manufacturing expertise, we always produce fashionable and individualized bicycles with high quality, arranging Carbon Fibre Bicycle, MTB(Mountain Bicycle), Road Bicycle, Folding Bicycle, Children Bicycle, Touring Bicycle, Fixed Gear Bicycle and so on. Our specification is complete in variety, exporting to Europe,USA,Australia, Asia and South America, and also extending China market with 300 JAVA retailers and agents covering all areas of the country.

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Authors Profile Pic

JAVA BIKES and Chuang Xin Wei are now among the most important promoters of growth, transformation and development in China bicycle industry. We would be more focus, excellent, execution and constant quality improvements and have quite confidence to build long-term and win-win cooperation relations with customers all over the world.


About FORMAT Bikes...

Format - the only Russian company, which is engaged in designing and manufacturing high-tech bike frames that can compete with recognized world leaders cycling industry.

Format - a brand with its own history. Since 2006, it is growing rapidly in Russia and Asia, gaining trust and recognition of both amateur and professional cycling. Modern design combined with functionality and high standards of quality, long-term experience in the field of veloinzheniringa combined with the latest developments in the planning and design of bicycle. Rational ideas and bold solutions - an integral part of company policy.

Format combined unique to our country specialists who are not only the engineers and designers of high-end, but also riders, people in love with cycling. They are convinced that "create a quality bike can really only one who is able to check its strength." A detailed analysis of the behavior of the bike under maximum load, the feeling of the rider while riding allow to constantly improve the design of the bike, and to develop the existing advantages.

Bicycles Format created in order to win. Winning is nice! Designers embody the functionality and usability in a variety of forms, ranging from filigree elegance to the brutal power!

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