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An impromptu expedition


On a beautiful Saturday morning, during breakfast, a group of 5 close friends spontaneously came up with a plan of going to some adventurous place and making their weekend memorable. With some exciting and sensible inputs, we decided upon going to Coorg, the Scotland of India as they call it. In no time, we packed our bags and boarded the next bus to Coorg.


The journey was spectacular. Five hours flew in a blink. We reached the destination and checked in to a beautiful home stay recommended by some localites. After a quick freshening up, we decided upon hiring a jeep and going for a local city tour. Starting with Jog Falls, we went to some very scenic places like Raja's Garden, Raja's fort and also the famous Omkareshwara Temple. Having a hectic next day planned, we returned early to our home stay and after playing a few fun games, we decided to get some sleep.

The sun rose early for us and we were all ready by 7 A.M. We headed off to Dubare where we planned for River Rafting and visiting an elephant Camp. Upon reaching the place, we were disappointed to see the location as it was beneath our expectations, never the less, we went ahead to see the elephant camp. It was intriguing to see so many elephants of different size variant gathered in one area! After spending some time with the baby elephants, we decided to visit a panoramic deer forest named Nisragadhama,

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On the way to the forest, we happened to notice a board which read ‘White Water River Rafting'. Instantly filled with enthusiasm, everybody got down the bus and went to check out the potentially adventurous sport. A 6km long stretch of rafting with considerably high rapids caught our attention and we were ready to rock the ride. After the didactic instructions on how to raft, we started off to an energy filled journey. Shouting and screaming all along, we also experienced uncalled toppling and surfing. It was as though we had lived a Tsunami.

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Exhausted from the rafting, we wanted to get to the nearest bus stop but even after a long wait we were greeted by no autos or buses. With no option left, to add on to the adventure, we took a lift from a Chicken Truck driver. All of us hopped in to the back of the truck and it actually felt like we were shooting a scene from a movie. Not far away, we noticed a huge track made in the middle of the shrubs. We immediately got down exploring what it was and to our surprise it turned out to be Quad Biking. In no life we would have missed this adventure and despite being low on cash, everybody decided to give it a shot. On a 2.5km long road of ups and downs and obstacles and blockages and what not, biking at a super fast speed was the closest I got to death. It was more fun than fear and it was totally worth it.

Short on time, we rushed back to our home stay as we had to get back to our hostels by the same night. With an extreme time crunch, we were fortunate enough to catch the last bus back home. The non-stop adrenaline rush finally got some dormant time as everybody laid in the comfortable seats only to open their eyes directly at the home stop.

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