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Adventurous training at Tumung village and Dimna Lake


I hail from Jamshedpur, the steel city of India and my passion is hiking, trekking and other outdoor activities. I like to travel whenever I am able to squeeze in some leisure time. I am an engineer and working as Software Project Manager. It adds rush to my adrenaline whenever I get opportunity to go for adventure/ outdoor/sports activities.


Sometime back, I was engaged in a program called Outdoor Leadership Training which is an outdoor training program. It aims at giving you a taste of of outdoor activities which a hiker or trekker goes through in real life, a simulation of an outdoor life. I attended this last year. The program went on for four days in February at Tumung village and Dimna Lake of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. There was a series of outdoor tasks lined up for the members for example, trekking, Surfing, Rappelling / Abseiling, Caving, Crawling, Hiking, River rafting, Raft making. We were team of total 40 members and all were “stoop to conquer” the mission.

The journey kicked off as early as 6 in the morning from JRD TATA Sports complex for Tumung Village. We reached our destination around 10 am. The day was just perfect for such activities. The day One began with crawling, lying flat on the ground and crawling with our elbow for a 10 meters long stretch.


The next task was caving which was even more challenging than the first one. Most of us did “caving” for the first time and actually had no idea about it. We went inside the caves which were situated on the mountain top. Caving in complete darkness gives you the feeling of meeting the unknown. No one knew what was waiting for us inside those dark caves. Even though outside was totally sun lit, the caves inside are pitch dark. The girls in the team were initially scared to advance inside. Even few boys were scared too to step inside the dark caves. The experience was actually a bit scary but full of excitement and bring in true adrenaline rush.


The next day was reserved for trekking to a nearby mountain. My friends and I also helped few fellow colleagues while trekking and befriended with them. After two and half hours of incessant trekking, eventually we reached the topmost area. We all were in for a breathtaking view from the top. We were all captivated by at nature’s creation around us, not realizing when we got engulfed in night’s darkness. In the night we set up our own tent and slept in our sleeping bags, it was a worthy experience for first timers who have never done any outdoor activities but planning for one.


On the third day, we went to the beautiful Dimna lake, 15 kilometers away from our activity location. We were in for few more adrenaline pumping activities “river rafting” and Surfing. During the activity, we had hard time,, we fell, inhaled water etc etc, but enjoyed our heart out in the crystal clear water of the lake. In the evening we prepared our dinner for a group of 7/8 members and anchored in a tent on the island for the rest of the night.


Next morning around 10:30, we started our return journey from Dimna Lake and halted in a small village for breakfast, food was yummy. We finally boarded the bus back to Jamshedpur City and reached by 2:00 PM. The entire trip was organized by TATA STEEL ADVENTURE FOUNDATION (TSAF) team. Water Surfing and rafting was the most memorable experience of all.

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I hail from Jamshedpur a steel city of India and my passion is hiking, trekking and all other adventurous activities. I like to travel whenever get to squeeze in leisure time. I am engineer and working as Software Project Manager. It adds rush to my adrenaline whenever I got opportunity to go for adventure activities.

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